DJ: Do you remember (Shouting) the Musical?

SR & DS: We still remember it.

YB: We’ve seen that when they were in Japan, they’d tried their best to practice the dancing and singing routine.

SR: (excited) Well, let’s try it next time! Let’s do the musical here in Japan!

The weakest person in morning?

T.O.P: When I wake up, it’s like my head has gone somewhere else (sleepy!).

GD: T.O.P’s head always goes somewhere else!

The most romantic guy?

GD (3 votes), T.O.P (1 vote(GD)), Mr. Won, the interpreter (2 votes)

Types of girl?

DS: I’ve changed it. It’s was someone who has a beautiful smile and good looking back then, but at this time, it’ll be great if there’s someone to love me.


How about dating?

DS: I want to cook for her.

YB: I always have a dream to go wakeboarding and snowboarding with my date.

SR: I want to hear her voice whispering in the phone saying “I miss you” (in Japanese会いたい can also be “I want to see you” ) .

T.O.P: Go shopping together and choose some clothing for each other.

T.O.P: And then split the bills! No, I’m just kidding!

GD: What I want to do is, for example, we’ll go to the amusement park in disguise, put some masks on, and switch off the entire circuit. It’s the amusement park because it’s a vast open space; it’s going to take some time to do that. We would have got arrested by the police! I would be brought in!


On「Koe wo Kikasete

DJ: It’s a four minutes song. I’ve heard that, in winter, windows, doors, porches are all closed, it’s very cold. The

blanket is fluffy. That’s great!

T.O.P: Kanda!

SR: (in deadpan) This is a radio program, not a variety show!

(Everyone laughed)

GD: (murmur) He’s cute…

T.O.P to the DJ: I want to confess my love to someone.

DJ: It’s OK; you’re the pattern of how every group member confesses his love to a girl. T.O.P is a cool guy, though. Are you good at begging someone?

YB: Quick! I need to hear it (the confession) right now!

DS: Koe wo kikasete! (Let me hear your voice!)

End of the Excerpt

T.O.P always gets things started.Such a funny BIGBANG!

And are you going to turn the light off like that? No,I’d rather go shopping and choose him some clothes!


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