CUTiE Interview & ★BIGBANG's messages to each other

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CUTiE  Interview
___You debuted in Japan last year, but you've only started doing major promotions this year. How have your surroundings changed in a year?

YB: Last year, noone recognised us so it was possible for us to go shopping, but now our music and videos are being played on the streets and in shops so there's a higher change of people going "That guy, isn't he from BIGBANG?" (laughs)

GD: This time, we've been staying in Japan for at least a year doing interviews and broadcasts, and staying here for longer has made us experience Japan's culture way more than last year. I did all the work for my album in Japan, too.

___Your album "BIGBANG" has become your Japanese major debut album.
GD: Because its our first major Japanese album, we made it in hopes that people would be able to feel and enjoy our music. But the most difficult thing was trying to "show a different side of BIGBANG every time". It was a promise we made to our fans when we had our major debut with "My Heaven".

___It's great that you're keeping that promise to your fans!

DS: There are a variety of different types of songs, like HOT summer-like songs and party tunes, so I hope people can listen to it and enjoy it together with others, not just by themselves.

___Any songs you want to recommend to CUTiE readers?

YB: "Follow Me"
DS: Our major debut single: "My Heaven"
SR: Our second single which is perfect for summer: "GaraGaraGO!!"
GD: Our first try at a slow R&B song, "Stay" is good, and I also recommend our club-beat song "Love Club"
TOP: ..but of course I recommend all of our songs. (laughs)

___You sing your Japanese lyrics really well. Wasn't the Japanese hard?

TOP: It was. But we tried really hard for each song, practising our Japanese accents.
YB: We learnt what all the lyrics meant so that we could sing with emotion and feeling, so I hope everyone can feel that through our songs.

___I heard you're all learning Japanese through private lessons etc., any new Japanese you've learnt recently?

SR: Tu-Su! (Catchphrase of a Japanese comedy group). But SoL, D-LITE and I can speak a little Japanese already.

___Tell us a 'Gag' that would definitely work in Korea!

SR: Sunbaenii~~m. This is a phrase from a female Korean comedy duo, the phrase has become like a trend at the moment in Korea.

___How has Japanese culture influenced you?

GD: I've received influence in being really polite and kind to everyone, and in fashion as well.

___What do you think about Japanese girls' fashion?

GD: They dress really well. They know how to bring our their attractions, and are good with their hair and fashion.

___You guys are perfect in fashion, singing, dancing...What's your secret?

TOP: Our willingness to always meet a challenge. We're always thinking of new things, and looking at trends while finding our own style so that we become a group like no other.

★BIGBANG's messages to each other

SOL(message from D-LITE)
He's a talented singer who can pull of any type of song. On stage he's a splendid performer, off stage a great hyung.

G-DRAGON(message from V.I)
A great leader and MC with 9 years' practice. Also a great producer!

D-LITE(message from G-DRAGON)
He's doing lots of activities in Korea and has a huge fanbase. The most popular vocalist among Korean males!

T.O.P(message from SOL)
In charge of rapping, and setting the mood. He's also acting and this autumn he'll be in a new Korean drama!

V.I(message from T.O.P)
One of our vocalists, he's also part of a Korean musical. He's our maknae so receives everyone's love!!

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