Big Bang and TVXQ receive the Gold Artist Award

posted on 01 Dec 2009 19:41 by angelgd
Big Bang and TVXQ receive the Gold Artist Award

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And the Hallyu phenomenon continues...

On the Best Hit Song Awards 2009 aired through Japan TV on the 26th, two of
Korea's favorite male idol groups received the Gold Artist Award. They were none other than Big Bang and TVXQ.

This has actually been the second time for the senior TVXQ boys to claim this glorifying title, whereas it's a
first for the rookie Big Bang boys who only debuted in Japan five months ago.

As many already know, TVXQ is still twisted in a dispute with SM Entertainment regarding their unfair contracts. Due to this reason, the special stage for this event was extra special for the fans who have waited a long time to see the five boys come together as one again. U-Know Yunho expressed during rehearsal, "I really want to go up on stage. I am very happy to be awarded the Gold Artist Award."

In contrast to TVXQ,
Big Bang does not have many achievements in Japan yet. However, after releasing their first single My Heaven, their popularity skyrocketed in Japan, reaching up to the second place on the Oricon Daily Charts. In addition, their second single Gara Gara Go! successfully climbed to third.

Congratulations to both of the groups!


EDIT: Additional Article from daily k pop news

South Korea’s popular group Big Bang was awarded the Gold Artist Award in Japan.

Big Bang who attended and performed at the “Best Hits Song Festival 2009” on November 26 were honored to receive the Gold Artist Award after they just debuted this last June in 2009 and were awarded only 5 months after their official debut.

Big Bang who just debuted last June, got their first major non-rookie award, after only 5 months into their debut. They debuted with their single “My Heaven” which went up to number 2 on the Oricon Daily chart after only 5 days. Their second single “Gara Gara GO!” released on August 19 also went up to the number 3 spot on the Oricon Daily charts, proving to be a favorite of the Japanese public.

Their latest third single released on November 2nd, “Let Me Hear Your Voice” went up to number 3 on the Oricon Daily chart as well, and it was also used as the theme song for TBS Japanese drama “One Person”.

Big Bang are international artists who have had all of their four albums in a row on the TOP 5 spots on the Oricon chart. This rookie group won the grand prize, Gold Artist Award, continuing the streak of Kpop artists, such as BoA who won it in 2007, TVXQ in 2008, and now Big Bang in 2009.

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