GDragon’s concert pinned with controversies

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Big Bang’s GDragon recently held a concert for his fans at the same time to celebrate the success of his solo activity without the members. Much like other issues related with GDragon, this concert had raised a series of controversies that the netizens are divided on.

The 21-year-old idol star from Big Bang, GDragon, held his first title concert titled, “Shine A Light.” Thousands of fans around the country gathered for this special event, many of them being in their 10s and young teenage years. The fans had a great time at the concert, and even the fans across the globe who watched it through fan cameras seemed to enjoy it as well. The problem arose after the concert, when the stories and videos circulated the web.

The concert started with ‘Heartbreaker’ moved on to ‘This Love’, then ‘Hello’, then on to ‘Gossip Man.’ Everything was fine until the stage for the song ‘Breathe’ was set up. On the bed the ‘Breathe’ performance was portrayed with a female dancer known as Aimee Lucas. At one point when she had her legs around his hips, many netizens declared that the point was to clearly depict a “sex” scene. Some fans at the concert said that at one point they even heard “heavy breathing” sounds mixed in with the track. Sounds or not, the netizens are clearly making a statement that, the scene he portrayed was too young for most of the audience present.

If that wasn’t enough, during the ‘She’s Gone’ performance, in the video that was shown, GDragon showed himself smoking and holding a knife, and even worse, stabbing a person with it exposing the fans to the violence. Netizens fired back at GDragon arguing that such images shouldn’t be shown at all, especially to the minor kids. Fans were divided in their opinion, some saying that it had been “cool,” while the other argued that this was inappropriate for the younger audience.

Especially for this performance, some netizens are deciding it to take it to the higher heights, such as the courts. This is because, before this song had a ban to be not played towards a younger audience. According to the law, if he is convicted, then it is less than 3 years or a fine of 20,000 dollars. However according to one association, because it had been a concert, they said that he couldn’t be responsible for materials in court.

This same type of “concert controversy” happened during Park JinYoung (JYP)’s 2008 concert when he took one female audience from the crowd and tied her on to the bed. According to YG Entertainment, they stated, “Because he was preparing performances to match the songs, there are some that are at a higher level.” They also pleaded, “Please watch this as GDragon becoming an adult.”

Netizens comments:
“I wonder why he does that when he knows that his fans are mostly in their teen years”
“I know that he wants attention and all, but this is just out of the box”
“He is just portraying the songs. Not a big deal”
“He didn’t even actually do it [sex] on stage!”
“Whatever people say, I respect GDragon for his confidence”
“From a mother’s point of view, I’m really mad, I hope my kids don’t see this”
“Oh so he likes these things? Shall we call this SM?”


You know wad .. Netizens are over-reacting ! Goddammit, GD's just doing his thing. It's his stage anyways, so he can do whatever he wants !

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