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GD in KBOOM February


Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon performed at Japan’s ‘Best Hits Music Festival’ and ‘FNS Music Festival’ and also received the ‘Best Album of the Year Award’ at Korea’s ‘MAMA’.

KBOOM also spoke of his album ‘HEARTBREAKER’ in the 2009 November issue. His album has since become the #1 album in Korea.

It was released on August 18th which was also the singer’s birthday. If the release of his album could be thought of as the greatest birthday present ever, his award can be the best Christmas present!

G-Dragon walked on the red carpet with his pet Gaho before the event.

At the award ceremony MAMA, YG Entertainment’s 2NE1 performed their hits in the style of a musical and Big Bang’s Taeyang and G-Dragon performed as a duet for the first time on stage.

When he received the award, G-Dragon said “I’ve always received awards with the other members as a part of Big Bang, so it feels a little weird to receive this alone, but I’m happy that our juniors 2NE1 and other people from our company are here at the award ceremony today. A lot of things happened in the music industry this year, not just to me, but I hope next year will be filled with only good events.”

I look forward to G-Dragon’s work in 2010.

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December 5th and 6th, 2009. Despite the cold wind and freezing temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius, over 24,000 fans gathered at the concert venue.

It was a concert where you could feel his will to show his transformation from “13 year old boy with a dream of becoming a singer” to “Big Bang’s leader”, and again to “A solo artist within himself”.

The start was like this. The silhouette of an apple representing his “heart” floats on stage in front of a white background. A huge hexagonal LED screen slowly opens to show the star of the show, G-Dragon. He marked the start of his first solo concert with his title track, “Heartbreaker”.

Often mentioned as the fashion leader representing the Korean entertainment industry, his first outfit was just a simple white suit, but this suited the song ‘Heartbreaker’ well.

The beginning was quiet, but the tension kept building throughout.

G-Dragon continued to sing songs from his album like ‘Hello’, ‘Gossip Man’ and ‘A Boy’.

Usually, the newer songs of an artist are performed in the latter half of the artist’s concert, but it seemed as though G-Dragon was trying to get everyone excited and pumped up from the very beginning.

But the climax was not in the first half. His breathtaking performances stunned the audience as the concert went on.

And here, we find out why there was an age limit of 12+ to the concert.

A huge bed was set up on stage and, as he sung his song ‘Breathe’, he did a very sexy dance performance with a female dancer.

The fans at the venue screamed as they watched.

It was probably only possible because it was G-Dragon.

In ‘She’s Gone’, he showed a sad love story with a female dancer in the form of a drama. On a huge screen, a video of him finding an ex-lover and violently murdering her was shown to the audience.

The video was a tragic love story, and at the same time a horror film. His eyes in the film were filled with insanity and hatred, and the fans in the audience watched these images of him without a sound.

During this concert, other singers from his company, YG Entertainment, guest starred to congratulate G-Dragon’s first solo concert.

2NE1’s Sandara Park performed ‘Hello’ with him, showing a cute couple dance, and Taeyang, a fellow Big Bang member as well as a close friend for 10 years, performed his own hits like ‘Where U At’, ‘Wedding Dress’ and ‘Look Only At Me’ on the 5th. Afterwards, he said “I’m so happy to be able to perform as a singer alongside my best friend G-Dragon as we make up for each others’ faults.”

They also performed the song ‘Korean Dream’ from G-Dragon’s album together and showed their friendship and closeness with each other by playing around and knocking shoulders etc. during the performance.

After the encore performance on the 6th, the rest of Big Bang who were watching from backstage appeared in front of the audience and performed their hit ‘Lies’ with the audience singing along.

The reason he finished the concert with his fellow members was probably because he wanted to say that ‘from now on, I’m going to perform as Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon’.

After the concert, G-Dragon wiped the sweat on his face and calmed his breathing backstage.

He expressed his thanks to his fellow Big Bang members as well as other acquaintances who participated and beamed fully for the first time that day.

“Of course there are parts that I wish I had done better, but I’m satisfied that I showed the audience how much I’ve practiced and prepared for this. It was a really cold day but so many fans came and for that I’m really grateful. I don’t know if I’ll ever have another solo concert again, but I’ll be so happy if our fans continue to wait for us.”

“Next year, Big Bang will release a new album. We’ll return with a great album after lots of practice and preparation. I want to show an even more developed performance standard, so wait for us just a little longer.”
This was what G-Dragon said as he ended his first solo concert, ‘Shine A Light’.

+ GD’s comments in the big writing in the middle
“Since the age of 13, I dreamt only of becoming a singer and have chased that dream until now.
It’s been a long and painful time achieving my dream, but I think that’s the reason I’m here today.
Rather than looking back on the last 10 years, from now on I’ll look only at the next 10.
To my fans, please wait for me at that place in 10 years time.”

Source: GKGD @ BB-Flow
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