Male Singers: 'Style Genius' G-Dragon

posted on 28 Dec 2009 14:25 by angelgd

Male Singers: 'Style Genius' G-Dragon

-Hwang Jinsun: G-Dragon is the only idol that is not just 'good' at dressing himself, but an icon with impact. Because of Bigbang, style became vital in the entertainment industry and there has been a change to the relationship between the singers and the fashion brands(Before fashion brands tried to avoid sponsoring singers but for G-Dragon a premium brand(which was Louis Vuitton) asked first to give him a sponsorship). One of his strongest points is that he has his own vision about fashion, not made up by all the experts. In 2009 where he did all his solo activities, he made himself the best contemporary icon through his music, performance and style. He dyed his blond, and added bold accessories etc. to make his style even more extreme. His photo shoots in the fashion magazines were impressive also. His ability to pull-off various looks despite his height and skinny-body was amazing. He is a style genius that would stand out wherever he is.

-Kim Areum: Bigbang gave grave a more fashionable look for the idol group styles which used to be more like costumes. Out of Bigbang, G-Dragon's sense and ability to understand fashion is quite amazing. It was amazing enough that there was an idol group member who wore John Galiano and Ann Demeulemeester, but it was even more amazing that he could pull those looks off in his own way. It was obvious that I was interested in what kind of fashion he was going to experiment with when I heard about his solo album. His album <Heartbreaker> had a big controversy because of the plagiarism dispute; thus there were various opinions about his album. However, the style he presented on stage was even more than what we expected. His unique look where he mixed and matched many items and his blond hair made me say "wow G-Dragon". I'm really looking forward to his fashionable performances at the year-end performances.

-Lee Heeseung: There was no artist that had a unique identity as an artist after Seo Taiji. G-Dragon is worthy of being called our generations style icon since he makes all the trends. G-Dragon is the only idol that can understand and pull-off designer brands such as Ann Demuelemeester, Bernard Wellham etc. that fashion experts prefer. When Bigbang first debuted all I thought was 'oh an idol that has nice style came out'; however, their style was not just made by their stylist. Especially, their leader G-Dragon, walks in an extinct pathway of fashion with his trendy and unique fashion sense where he does not fear of experimenting with style. His sense and creativity to make his musical talent and charms into his own style is the best in our music industry right now.

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