[TRANSLATED] Big Bang Anan 2010 Interview

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[TRANSLATED] Big Bang Anan 2010 Interview

–You’re getting a lot of coverage by the media here, what’s difference between Japan and Korean media?

TOP: At first I was surprised at the difference. In Korea we only do a few magazine interviews  and the focus is more on the visual aspects rather than the interview. But in Japan they are more focused on the interviews.

G-Dragon: In Japan there are many genre of magazines each one has its own personality and feel.

Taeyang: There’s also a difference in the television broadcasting. In Korea there are three major music channels and they’re broadcasted once a week. But in a lot of Japanese music broadcasts there are talk portions.

Seungri: I like coming on Japanese television better. They focus on humor a lot more.

–Oh that’s because here in Japan most MCs for music broadcasts are comedians.

Taeyang: Yes, right. That’s why they ask a lot of comments and I get embarrassed.

–People here tend to want to know more about artists therefore MCs ask a lot of questions. Have you become accustomed to speaking in Japanese?

Seungri: It’s still tough, but we’ll enjoy it more once we’re used to it.

–What’s the difference with fans here?

G-Dragon: Unlike in Korea I feel like in Japan there’s a variety of ages. In Korea most fans are around 10 to 20 years old. Ans also I feel the impression that Japanese fans are more calm.

Daesung: I feel that Japanese people really listen to music.

Taeyang: I also feel like they’re very observant and focus a lot on details.

Daesung: But now the number of people that dance and sing along with us has increased. It’s

–Your fans are mostly female fans.

Seungri: Many women like us here.

–A lot of your music is attractive even to men. Japanese men are very shy so they cheer somewhere in the back.

TOP: That’s right. I’m glad.

–How do you feel about Japanese’s women culture? Their fashion and make-up.

G-Dragon: I don’t know about all the women in the world, but for Japanese women, they are beautiful and sensitive even at an older age. Should I—-? Well in Korea once you get married or become a mom they stop caring about their beauty.

–G-Dragon is revealing what he notices and all the details.

G-Dragon: I love Japan!

–That’s good.

TOP: I feel like here there’s a lot of different make-ups. In Korea women use natural cosmetics but in Japan how can they divide it into so many different types?

Taeyang: They have certain characteristics for fashion. I think Japanese girls look like dolls…

–Dolls? Oh, like a Barbie doll?

Taeyang: Yes. Now I’m ashamed of the story (laughs)

–So what are you attracted to in a woman?

TOP: S/Body lines.

–Oh, you feel that sense! (?)

TOP: I’m not a freak (laughs). In Korea the S line in a woman’s body are praised for being beautiful. I’m among those who praise them for body lines.

G-Dragon: I like women that are nice and use a respectful tone in front of my friends and family.

–So you think when a woman is standing in front of you she’s fake? (not sure about this)

G-Dragon: I don’t know. For example when women are together they talk to each nice but if they’re in front of men there’s a difference. (?)

Daesung: I like a woman with a beautiful smile. And that works hard!

Taeyang: I don’t focus on the attractive appearance of women. I like women that like to learn and that like me for who and how I am. And also people who like animals because I like animals and I have a dog. Unlike Seungri because my dog is always barking at him (laughs).

Seungri: That’s a lie! Taeyang’s dog is my friend (laughs). I like women witha  pretty voice because when I’m busy we can talk on the phone and it’ll make me happy to hear a pretty voice I guess. And is it allright if I ask you something?

–Of course. What’s your question?

Seungri: Anan (name of magazine) is mostly read by women, do the readers like younfer or older man? (?)

–In Japan now younger man are really popular amongst older women.

Seungri: Really~! I’m younger~

–You’re still very young to be getting married, so this won’t be a long story? Among the members who do you think will get married soon.

Taeyang: Daesung for sure.
TOP: I think Daesung will be getting married this year. (O.O WHAT!)

–Is it allright if I announce that!?

Daesung: Yes, I’m getting married this year (laughs). My birthday is in April and I want to get married when I’m 26.

–Ah…it’s your wishes. But I’m sure a lot of people would be sad. Maybe after a little more?

Daesung: So the day before I turn 27 then (laughs). If I cant find somebody by then I’ll just marry anyone I see crossing the road (laughs) (? not so sure about this one)

–You want to marry, are Japanese ok then?

Daesung: Of course! Japanese women seem nice.

–No, Japanese women are scary when they’re angry!

Daesung: Really? I haven’t met any yet then. Both Japanese men and women seem sweet.
G-Dragon: I want to get married soon too.

–That’s surprising! His image looks like he would want to get married late (?)

G-Dragon: I often say this. I want to find someone I love, get married and raise a sstable family.

–Such remarks will shock the fans…

TOP: I think I’ll get married late. I want to be free for a long time and alone to concetrate on my own things. Maybe 40 years old is a good time. But when I find someone I’ll probably change my mind and think “Now I want to marry a woman”.
Daesung: Ah yeah~
Taeyang: I feel like I’ll get married pretty late too. I don’t drink, smoke or go out at night I’m the type suitable for marriage but I think I…..

–Who will be the member to get married last?
Taeyang: Seungri Joe (laughs).
Seungri: That’s right I’m not thinking about marriage yet!

–I heard that Korean men are very romantic. Specifically at proposing, how do you think you would do it?

Seungri: I along with the woman would go skydiving and propose in the middle. If she refuses I will unfold a parachute and go, good?
Taeyang: That’s like a threat! (laughs) I’m the best on the piano so I’d play a song called the proposal…..

—Wow~ Nice.

Taeyang: I’ve never thought of anything like this until now. I just thought about it really hard.

–You’re not that good at Japanese yet, would you still be studying?

G-Dragon: In Korea when foreign artists come and speak a little Korean I get very happy. So we want to study as much Japanese as possible because we want to sing more Japanese songs and talk more to people.

–Do you have a favorite Japanese phrase?

Seungri: ‘gengkkideseukka! (I’m fine!) Personally, I’ve been studying through Japanese dramas.

–Your song “Let Me Hear Your Voice” was the opening theme to a drama. It’s about a “single”  man asking a woman for smpathy.

Seungri: Single?

–Yes, the character in the drama.

Taeyang: Wow, like going to the movies alone?
Seungri: Or exercising at home alome?

–Yeah, and a little yoga….

Daesung: What? Eating by yourself? [im lost ><]


Seungri: Why not?

–Isn’t there any single woman in Korea? Do they all marry at an early age?

Taeyang: Korea’s single people might have increased since women are busy working  and marriage is delayed.

–Japanese women are definitely looking forward to your activities this year.

G-Dragon: In February we’ll be on tour in Japan.
Taeyang: Since Daesung hurt himself last year and he has recovered now we will have our first concert. Please look forward to that.
Daesung: My body’s fine now! I rested enough in the hospital. I wasn’t able to be on the musical stage with Seungri.
TOP: With his weakened body the stage felt empty. But now that he’s been back it’s more lively.
G-Dragon: It really is.

–Solo activities this year?

Taeyang: My solo album is coming out. although I took a long time for being so stubborn.
TOP: Daesung is also scheduled to release a solo album.
G-Dragon: Big Bang will ally this year to release an album.
Seungri: I’m going to the University in spring.

–This year’s goals!

G-Dragon: Japanese Master!!
Taeyang: 2010 goals are similar to the ones in 2009, but I also want to learn as much as possible and grow to gain a lot of expereience. During 2009 I woried a lot because there were a lot of issyes. In 2010 I want the year to be a lot better so that we can just laugh and enjoy it.
TOP: Conquer the universe
Daesung: I’ll show you only good music and good looks!!
Seungri: I will do my best to bring my own talent and versatility in the music area. And also to be a good student.

Translations: alee @ ibigbang.wordpress.com
If taking out please credit!

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